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Curacao Netherlands Antilles Tax Rates 49.4%


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Curacao Netherlands Antilles personal Income Taxnetherlands-antilles-tax-rates

Individual income tax rates in the Netherlands Antilles are progressive up to 38%. A surtax of 25% or 30% also applies.

Taxable income (ANG)      Tax on lowest amount (ANG)      Tax Rate on excess
up to 25,514                     –                                             10%
25,514 to 38,271              2,551.40                                  16%
38,271 to 53,154              4,592.50                                  21%
53,154 to 79,730              7,717.90                                  27%
79,730 to 112,685            14,893.40                                32%
Over 112,685                   25,439.00                                38%

The tax is increased by an island surcharge which for Curaçao is 30% and for all other islands 25%. The social security contribution rate is 9.35%.

Certain types of income may benefit from special rates of 5% (savings income) or 15% (substantial interest income).

Employment income is subject to wage tax and social security contributions (levied by withholding). Several deductions and allowances may be available.

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