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British Virgin Island Visitor info


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1 What is the Currency Exchange?
2 How to become a citizen?
3 Which Bank can I use that is safe?
4 What are the tax rules for bringing a car?
5 How much to ship a car?
6 How much higher is it to buy a car on the island?
7 Can I sell a car there? How?
8 How do I get a car License?
9 How do I get a drivers license?
10 How can I find a Rental Home, Condo, or Apartment? Not Timeshare.
11 Where is the Big shopping Malls?
12 Who can I contact that lives there? Like Web site Forums
13 Who’s the Local ISP? Internet Service Provider
14 How much is ISP service?
15 Monarch: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
16 Governor: His Excellency Boyd McCleary
17 Premier: Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith
18 National Anthem: “God Save the Queen”
19 Flag: Union Jack
20 Territory status: Non-Sovereign, overseas territory of the United Kingdom, internal self-governing
21 Legal system: English Law
22 Judicial Branch: Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court
23 Largest Island: Tortola
24 Capital: Road Town, Tortola
25 Language: English (official), Spanish
26 Population: 28,882 (2009 est. based on 2005 census)
27 Religions: Christianity (major), Hinduism, Islamic Faith, Other
28 Airport & Code: Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS)
29 Monetary Unit: US Dollar. Major credit cards are accepted in many, but not all establishments.
30 Calling Code: From the US: Dial 1 (284). From the UK: Dial 001 (284)
31 Economy: One of the most prosperous in the Caribbean; highest income generators – tourism and financial services.
32 Banks: Bank of Nova Scotia, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, VP Bank (BVI), First Caribbean International, First Bank Virgin Islands.
33 Sales Tax: None
34 Departure Taxes: $20.00 per person leaving by air, $5.00 leaving by sea and $7.00 for cruise ship passengers
35 Accommodation Tax: 7% Hotel Accommodation Tax payable by guests who stay for six months or less in hotels, apartments, houses, cottages, villas and similar accommodations
36 Driving: Persons staying in the territory under 30 days are not required to purchase a temporary driver’s license. However, if your stay is over 30 days a license is required.
37 Life Expectancy at Birth: Male: 70.2 years Female: 78.6 years
38 Medical Centres/Hospital: One Public Hospital – Peebles Hospital; various public and private health clinics and medical centres; Medivac (medical airlift) is readily available. An International Vaccination Certificate is not mandatory in The British Virgin Islands. Peebles Hospital has surgical, x-ray and laboratory facilities; there is a private plastic surgery clinic as well several private medical centres. A chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous meets regularly. Call (284) 496-8422
39 Unemployment rate: 3%
40 Literacy rate: 98.2% (15 years plus)
41 Internet TLD:
42 National Flower: Oleander
43 National Bird: Turtle Dove (Zenaida Aurta)
44 National Tree: White Cedar
45 Cruising Permits: A cruising permit is required for all cruising in The British Virgin Islands SEASONAL RATES: (December 1- April 30). All recorded Charter Boats – $2.00 per person per day. All non-recorded Charter Boats – $4.00 per person per day. OUT OF SEASON RATES: (May 1 – November 30). All recorded Charter Boats – $0.75 per person per day. All non-recorded Charter Boats – $4.00 per person day. Dive, day charter and sport fishing boats should contact The British Virgin Islands Customs Department Tel: (284) 494-3475 or (284) 468-3701 ext. 2533 for current cruising permit requirements.
46 Customs Duties: All imports are subject to varying rates of duty. Imports entering The British Virgin Islands on a temporary basis will not be subject to duty. Department of the Customs
47 Fishing Permits: The removal of any marine organism from British Virgin Islands waters is illegal for non-BVIslanders without a recreational fishing permit. Contact The Ministry of Natural Resources & Labour, Tel: (284) 468-3701 ext. 2147 for information.
48 Immigration: The following measures are to be adhered to in respect of all non British Virgin Islanders entering the Territory: Bona fide visitors may be granted entry for up to one month at the ports of entry, provided that they possess return (or ongoing) tickets, evidence of adequate means of support and pre-arranged accommodations during their stay. Visitors wishing to stay longer will need to apply for an extension from the Immigration Department in Road Town, Tortola or at the Government Administration Building in Virgin Gorda. A valid passport is the principal requirement for entry into the BVI. U.S. citizens travelling by air to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda must present a passport or other WHTI-compliant documentation to enter or depart from the United States. Visitors from some countries may also require a visa for entry. If in doubt about the necessity of a visa, contact the nearest BVI Tourist Board Office, the nearest British Embassy, or contact the Chief Immigration Officer at the Immigration Department of the BVI Government at: Tel (284) 494-3471 ext. 4700 or (284) 468-3701 ext. 2538.
49 Marriage License and Regulations: For information regarding requirements on getting married in the Territory, contact: Registrar’s Office, P.O. Box 418, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands or phone (284) 468-3701 ext. 5001 or (284) 494-3442/5650. Or see our Weddings & Honeymoon’s Section.
50 Pets: Pets are allowed entry into the Territory only after an import permit is issued by the Department of Agriculture. For regulations governing animal importation, contact the Department of Agriculture, Paraquita Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Tel: (284) 495-2532 or Fax: (284) 495-1269.
51 Marine Conservation Permits: The use of National Parks Trust mooring without a permit is illegal. Call the National Parks Trust Office at (284) 494 3904 for information.
52 Smoking Policy: Smoking in public places has been banned in the BVI as a result of a law passed by the Legislative Council. The law bans smoking in public places including bars, restaurants, nightclubs, airports, offices, and sports facilities. It also bans smoking within 50 feet of any public space
53 Electricity: Voltage in the BVI is 110/220v. Visitors can use American appliances without an adaptor.
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